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100% free reporting for motor factors!

Factor-Sales press release

Information is becoming a reality for the UK car parts market.

New Direction for UK Aftermarket

In the world of fast moving consumer goods both suppliers and retailers depend heavily for their decision making on reliable data from established external sources. Knowing their own level of sales is all very well, but it is vital to put that in the context of the market in which they operate to understand their performance against their competitors. This understanding enables them to exploit strengths and rectify weaknesses.

Now this level of information is becoming a reality for the UK car parts market.

Factor Sales is a specialist data business established by Peter Seagroatt, a pioneer of the data broking concept with over 30 years experience in the collection and reporting of key industry information.

In co-operation with MAM Software, daily data from a large sample of motor factors is collected and stored in a hierarchy from product category down to every single component.

In return for their participation each individual factor is provided with the ability to access web based reports comparing their own performance with that of the pool. These can relate to anything from total sales down to, for example, a specific type of headlamp bulb.

Confidentiality of the information for an individual factor is guaranteed. Only they will be able to see their own data, nobody else at all will have access to it.

The really good news for the factor is that the service is provided completely free of charge! All they have to do is allow their data to be part of the national pool and have an email address for the link to be established.

This data is available to the user online. Factor sales have developed a suite of web based software from which authorised participants and suppliers can access pre-set reports, specify their own regular reports or create ad hoc analyses. The output can be displayed in either graphical or tabular form.

For the manufacturer/supplier the benefit is the ability to understand trends in the marketplace and respond accordingly. They have the ability to see which categories have been successful for them and which less so. They can look at data on a daily basis, a weekly basis, a monthly basis or a yearly basis with comparisons between periods and of course they can examine long term trends. In short they can direct their businesses armed with reliable information.

As the sample of participating factors grows the available analysis will develop to provide comparison with for example regional data or by size of business, or by multi branch and single branch operators. The range of analyses will be constantly reviewed and enhanced. So the level of detailed market information for so long available in other areas is now a reality for the car spares market.