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100% free reporting for motor factors!

Gain insight into the UK's automotive aftermarket

100% free state-of-the-art reporting for motor factors.

What we offer to motor factors

It's 100% secure, 100% free and confidentiality is guaranteed.

Market measurement data is available in other industries but until now has not been available for the car parts industry in the UK. We have combined with MAM Software to produce such a market measure.

A total market report will provide details of category size and rates of decline or growth. It is possible to drill down into this database for further details. For example, how many brake pads were supplied this year versus last year?

We will supply a tracking report to individual factors and factor groups to show relative performance against the total market, product categories and further sub-divisions. The availability of this information will cut down on waste and help increase efficiency. This will be a critical means of tracking and improving performance.

No other third party will be able to view your detailed information. Your information is totally secure.

There is nothing to worry about
  • It's 100% free
  • It's 100% secure
  • State of the art reporting
  • Very easy setup for MAM customers
  • Endorsed by the IAAF
  • Covering major UK Buying Groups

So, what's been happening?

Find out with the unique set of reporting tools we designed for you.

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Meet our fantastic team leaders!

Experts in market research, the aftermarket and information services.

Factor Sales is a specialist data business established by Peter Seagroatt, a pioneer of the data broking concept with over 30 years experience in the collection and reporting of key industry information. In co-operation with MAM Software, daily data from a large sample of motor factors is collected and stored in a hierarchy from product category down to every single component.
Peter Seagroatt
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Ian Penny
Business Development
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Vivienne Penny
Head of Coding
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